Poems, volume I

Three For Honesty And Two For Love

Sarah Scholz


Without castles, there are no kings

And without bees, there would be no honey.

But when I hold you, there is no need for war

As time collapses, we grip and claw to reach the core.

Three plus three means nothing.

Less than anything is nothing more.

Before is after and after is gone

And all we’re left with is eternal dawn.

Tomorrow we’ll rise to yesterday’s moon

To be certain that all is here.

The kings have returned to faraway lands

But we lie together with intertwined hands.

Trust is True

Trust is true,

Honesty will follow and capture your breath.

Squeeze air from your lungs,

Close some hopeful, teary eyes.

My love will come to take you.

My love will come.

Making Mostly Anything

To make a sandwich, you need bread.

To make bread you need a job.

To make accusations, you need the accused.

To make conversation, you need words.

To make time, you need love.

To make love, you need nothing more.

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