Older than Newer

Trapped Things

17 Dec. 2008

Without a few things, there are new things. I lost some once. Only to find something again. More than before, more than I knew. Liking people is harder than expected. Although you look like someone I could love, I can’t say right away. Holding tight onto a teddy bear, covered with fuzz, old and overused. Maybe life is supposed to revolve around roses and chocolates and diamonds. Maybe it shouldn’t. But when one word takes up the front of your skull, and it’s a feeling you can’t shake, where do you go? When does it blend in? When do you find out what is really important? Love is important. It is important now. But sometimes it leaves. We all have left love before. Does it have to happen again? It isn’t what I want to do. Being here forever would be fine with me. It would be fine with him. It would be just fine.

Lost and found. Optical illusions. Issue one. Issue two. Issue three. And then, here we are. Here are the leaves that fell from trees days ago, melting on the sidewalk. Here are the telescopes that look into the eyes of fire-filled stars. Here are the millions of people that we will never meet. And here are the faces that are too familiar to forget.

Lesson 1. The Ocean

Lesson 2. Maps

Lesson 3. Words

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